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Server Rules

Discussion in 'Server Rules' started by Tom, Sep 8, 2016.

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    Savageskies - Server Rules
    Here at Savage skies we want a friendly environment where people get a long with each other and can have some banter. First off It is your responsibility to read all the server rules, If you don't and get punished it is YOUR fault!.
    1. Respect for other users and staff members at savageskies via forums or in game!.
    2. No griefing people's islands, or areas where admins have protected an area.
    3. No Scamming in real life or IN GAME please use the auction to sell stuff in game.
    4. No Real life trading of any kind regarding the server to real life. E,g Ill trade you a my island for £100 in real life, this is not allowed under any circumstances, both party's will be punished from the server.
    5. No advertising of any kind, unless you have a rank which allows you to advertise links in chat. Messaging is allowed but not mass advertising.
    6. No killing others in non-pvp zones, e,g traps etc, on your island is not tolerated. In pvp warps, pvp is totally allowed.
    7. No extreme swearing, cussing, we allow the odd few words to come out when fustrated but isn't something to look proud up on.
    8. No spamming or capital locks allowed and don't bypass our spam filter.
    9. Do Not /nick abuse, when you have this donation perk, your not allowed to use it to impersonate or harass or anything of that nature.
    10. No hacks or mods, anti afk machines, macros of any sort, aren't allowed unless specified below, this will result in perm ban. Mods which are alllowed on our server, Optifine, Shaders,TabbyChat,Armor/Potion/Direction HUD, Mini Map (No chests or players enabled), Schematica (Printer is allowed, if it works with the anti-cheat), Brightness Mods.
    11. Don't use Inappropriate Skins, Usernames,Nicknames or Builds this means nothing coming from, violent, harassment, rude, racist and impersonating nature of any kind. Are not allowed.
    12. Your account is your responsibility it is none of our business if your account gets hacked, please make sure to have a solid password and strong security questions on your minecraft account.
    13. Use common sense and no threads allowed of any kind allowed!.
    Thank you for reading.
    Kind regards

    - SavageSkies Staff Team

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